Event Sponsor/Host Responsibilities

The responsibilities of hosting an event in a Student Centers venue include, but may not be limited to:

  • Coordination of all campus services needed for the proposed activity
  • Compliance with all Georgetown University policies and procedures and applicable laws
  • Ensuring the execution of contracts between Georgetown University and any non-Georgetown University organization representing the activity and any non-Georgetown University organization to the community
  • Ensuring that all fees assessed for the activity are paid in full with Georgetown University GMS Worktags including: charges levied for use of the facility, special services and equipment, repair of any damages to the facility, and cleaning above what is usual and customary.  All Georgetown organizations and departments must pay with GMS Worktags for their events.
  • Be present throughout the event and have: the confirmation copy of the Space Reservation, the reservation request, relevant support documents and licenses available for inspection.
  • Communicate any restrictions regarding the facility to the group and the participants


Groups using university facilities must comply with university policies and regulations, all federal and District of Columbia laws. These include, but are not limited to: Georgetown University policies addressing alcohol possession and use, catering, sound amplification, posting, and vending. Permission to use university facilities may be revoked or other administrative action taken for non-compliance with applicable policies and laws. Requests for events may be denied if:

  • The requestor or host is not in good standing in the university community
  • The Event Request Form is incomplete or inaccurate
  • The event is deemed likely to disrupt normal university functions
  • The event is deemed in conflict with the tax-exempt status of the university
  • The university is officially closed for the requested dates
  • The event is deemed to pose a risk to the safety of the university community
  • The Event Request Form does not identify a university host