Tabling within the HFSC

“Tabling” is providing information about programs, products, or services at a table space within the Healey Family Student Center with a vending permit, when applicable.


There are three tabling locations in the HFSC – all located on the ground floor promenade.   The locations are noted by the bulletin board spaces on the wall.  Each space should be no more than 6’ wide and 2’ in depth from the wall.  All groups must provide their own tables and chairs.  Groups cannot use furniture from the HFSC spaces.  There are also two additional spaces on the North Courtyard for tabling as well.  Please click here for a tabling location map.


Tabling must be carried out at the assigned tabling sites.  Groups are required to remain behind the table space while in the HFSC.  Responsible parties must abide by all university policies.  No sound amplification will be permitted from a table location.  Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the loss of tabling privileges within the HFSC.


The number of tables is limited within the HFSC.  Groups will be asked to only take space for more than one table space at a time.  The HFSC will attempt to accommodate the requests of as many organizations as possible.


Selling any product or service without the required vending permit is prohibited. A vending permit is required for the sale or merchandizing of any product.  Any organization or department handling cash at the assigned tabling location must notify the Department of Public Safety.


Students of Georgetown University are eligible to table within the Healey Family Student Center.